Sun flower

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Sun flower is an annual herb.

It in the morning and evening, his flowers are closed, and the flowers are only opened during the day, so they are called sunflowers.

Many people think that the sun flower is golden, because golden yellow is the color of the sun, but in fact, the sun flower has a variety of colors, such as white / purple / red / orange / golden / and so on.

Planting sun flower offen use idea is the cutting method.
As long as you cut the growing sun flower, put it in a flower pot or soil, it will grow its roots and grow one quickly.
which do not require special care, it can easily survive.
Among the flowers, they are the most easily cutting inserted planting flowers.

The cultivation of the sun flower, among the flowers, the sun flower is the flower that is the easiest to feed, and the gardener who just started can also feed.
There are very few pests and diseases in the sun flower, mainly to control aphids and scale insects. Go to the flower market to buy the medicinal herbs and spray some.
The requirements for water are not high, and there is an average of 2 to 5 times of water per month.
Sun flower likes light, does not like dark/wet environment, so it does not need shading treatment in summer. Its optimal growth temperature is 20-35 degrees, so if it is not particularly high temperature, it does not need special management. .






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