Corn (scientific name: Zea mays)

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Corn (scientific name: Zea mays)
Corn is a food crop and feed.
The roots of corn are strong and have pillars. The stalks are thick and the leaves are wide, and the flowers are monoecious.
Corn was native to Central America and was introduced to China around the 16th century.
Currently the largest corn exporters are the United States and China.
Corn prefers a temperate environment, and the optimum temperature for seed germination is 25 to 30 °C.
The average daily temperature during the growth period is above 18 °C.
The average temperature from heading to flowering is 26 to 27 °C.
At the time of earing and maturity, it should be kept at 20 to 24 ° C; below 16 ° C or above 25 ° C, the quality of corn will be worse.
Corn is a short sunshine Irradiation crop,the sunshine <12 hours, it will be early headed grain, and if the sunshine is too long, the flowering will be late/delayed or even not.

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玉米(學名:Zea mays)

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