African Origins In Ancient Greece (Black Athena)

in greek •  3 months ago

A 'black' farmer in my Black Coin group who keeps causing trouble, decided to point out a "negative" about our NEW Chosen Name .....

We got to the point where we were telling him what it means in Greek; of course he wanted to now take issue with "Greece" because you know, greek wasn't black. At least, that is what most of us think.... people like that EXPOSE their level of sleep every time.

Educated black people are Aware that the ENTIRE history as "We know it" - as Taught in our White schools is not the real real; The original Greeks, and Romans, and English, were all black; We don't know sh*t. Trust me. IT was all black ... all of it. Then we got our asses WIPED Out, ENSLAVED - and our STORY was changed to HIS story............. smh

We don't know sh*t; We worried about the 'future and not the past' --- easy to be fooled; when we have no interest in where it all originated; Gotta go BACK To truly see where the path LEADS tho.............

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