Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's easy meeting with North Korea in a surprise way.

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Hello everyone . Today's world's wonderful news will be presented to you today. Surprised to the world, US President Donald Trump has stepped in his "fierce enemy country" North Korea. And North Korean leader Kim Joni Un's got his hands with his "fierce enemy" trump. Went together and also held a 50-minute meeting. The stunning show has occurred, on 30th June, 2019, at noon at 3:30 pm. North and South Korean border sign lines. The news has been promoted seriously with the media of the world including Reuters, BBC, AFP. Earlier Donald Trump was in Osaka, Japan to attend the G-20 Summit. There he tweeted that if North Korean leader King John Uson wants to meet me, I'll meet him in border 's "DMZ" to join hands with him. After this conference he reached South Korea yesterday. According to news sources, Kim responded to Trump's proposal and both leaders reached the scheduled time. The news agencies also said that before the two Koreas were made to meet the two leaders of the civilian area (DMZ) near the divided line and to meet the meeting. News agencies publish a video of this and also said that, in the meantime, going through
North Korea with crossing the border of the President Trump. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. welcomed him warmly. Hold hands with each other. Walk together. After crossing the border, Kim walked a few feet in South Korea. This is the case of crossing the border between the first Korea Peninsula, dividing the boundary line for both. The history of this noble leader has been written in the golden letters of the world for eternity.
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Written by my Mr Nazrul
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