Can you believe the evidence piling up showing Obama, Hillary and Soros blatantly breaking our laws while writing new laws so they can slither out of accountability? Steve King has had ENOUGH!

The corrupt Obama administration stopped at nothing to bully it's way into spreading it's communist ideology. Even went to the extent of purchasing and spreading Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals along with evidence of them using OUR funds to sway elections in the Balkans, like Macedonia where King witnessed it himself! All while borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia, then through government contracts funneling into George Soros organizations for him to do with these countries what he has done to countries who have kicked him out! Like Hungary and how he brought Venezuela down to the lowest conditions. These people are nothing short of diabolical! Yet they constructed a fake dossier and lies concerning Trump doing what They were doing! These people have No Moral Compass, have no scruples nor conscience about blatantly breaking our laws and in many cases coming up with New Laws to create loopholes for themselves. This is why Military Tribunals Will Be Necessary or they will literally Slither out of being accountable for what they Arrogantly and Blatantly did! Steve King is stellar in Being Heard! This is what all congressmen and women worth their salt should be doing! We must start spreading the truth Far and Wide. Those same George Soros funded groups abound on places like facebook. Facebook does not censor them, in the same manner they censor content from truth tellers. Money and greed speak and abound on platforms like facebook. People pass these Soros "Trump hate videos" everywhere and the easily influenced people think it is truth. Never taking time themselves to research the false narrative and blatant lies. What's in it for people like Soros? He has said, he thinks of himself as a god and likes to control economies and countries. Why would people spread his propaganda? It's easier to believe lies and drama than to Take a Stand against bold and blatant corruption. Thank you Steve King for standing up to evil! We need more politicians to do their job and not allowing the bullying of these globalists seeking to control not just Our country, but all other countries! Do I expect any MSM or local publications to cover this? No, they won't, they will only take what is passed down from their parent companies. Once must never forget, the Reuters news agency and Associated Press are both owned by Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Oppenheimer brothers and other controlling families. Will any news group step out on their own and investigate the truth? So far, no. They adhere to the regulations and are thereby controlled in the very same manner many voters along with their paid off government representatives to only spout the agenda of globalists like Soros. If you want your country back, please share this information and video of Steve King pointing out the cheating and scheming of the Obama administration. As Q said, Be Heard. It is up to us, We the People to spread the truth far and wide so as not to give people considering themselves god's even more control. God speed Patriots!

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-who owns the Media?
-who controls the agenda?
-who benefits from the agenda?
-how do they pull the strings of puppets?
-what happens if puppets dont play?