Meme. Pray. Dig and then meme some more.

in greatawakening •  29 days ago

  1. I know Q hasn’t said anything negative about SG. This isn’t about the plan. This is about 2020 and the reckless rhetoric coming from the pro-MAGA / anti-Q crowd.

  2. I know Jr. backed SG as MAGA. I would assume Jr. and all DT’s kids are insulated to varying degrees. Even if Jr. is fully read in it doesn’t change anything.

  3. SG, MC, JP or any other conservatives can attack Q all they want after the 2020 election. The plan isn’t dependent on their belief.

  4. What happens when DT starts holding rallies in force next year? When the MSM ratchets up QAnon coverage even more? People like SG are going to follow suit, just like they have been (why do they mirror MSM attacks anyway? Do some digging and compare the frequency of attacks in correlation with MSM attacks).

  5. More “anons” live on twitter than QR. SG and others know this which is why their attacks are centered there.

  6. Whatever anyone’s belief in Q is, Qanons are real and they are a loyal and motivated part of DT’s base. Evidenced by the increasing number at rallies. They come from every walk of life (this isn’t about insulating the campaign from white suprematists for example).

  7. What purpose does marginalizing, belittling, degrading and dismissing a loyal part of DT’s base prior to the 2020 election serve? These MAGA Gatekeepers toss around the word “cult” as frequently as the left uses the word “nazi”. When they can’t counter a proof, they attack. Sound familiar? If any one of them cared about winning in 2020, they’d wait.

  8. This needs to stop before real damage to the 2020 campaign is done (think black pills). Remember this OP centers around their counter-productive behavior concerning the 2020 election and not their character, families or anything else below board.

  9. Meme. Pray. Dig and then meme some more.

Use the standard hashtags. I included some on my graphics.
#MAGA #UnitedNotDivided #Election2020 #WWG1WGA


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