Gravity: The One Law Cops Are Still Not Above 😂

in gravity •  9 months ago

25 Ways that the Police Foster Tyranny by Just Doing their Jobs

The first reply is that the local police are just doing their jobs. Sure they are—just like guards at concentration camps were just doing their jobs.

How quickly will those who say that the local police are just following the law change their tune when their local police enforce a law that requires roadside anal exams of everyone pulled over for traffic stops to make sure they have no hidden drugs or weapons?

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Video By: Police the Police/The Free Thought

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Omg so funny, lulz flat Earthers eat your heart out, even the cops are subject to the law of gravity.


Please sir see my post @titusfrost

0:21 LOL he thought he was still moving

The cops don't actually make the laws, blaming them is shooting the messenger. It really would not be that cops fault for having his hand up your ass if that was what the legislature required. Blame the people who make the laws, blame those who elect them, if they make racist laws designed to suppress the poor and minorities then that is what we will see the cops doing. Cops didn't prohibit drugs or pass racist gun control laws. Smart people are not allowed to be cops, they are below reproach.


😂😂 thank god cop's cant levitate.
I already had some very bad experience's with cop's.. and there are some really bad individuals who are happy to show people who the boss is 😤