Gravity as information exchange

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Gravity is seen as a mysterious force that exists between objects where an object with bigger mass like Earth attracts a smaller mass object -all things found on its surface. Many scientists have tried in vain to build anti gravity devices to facilitate travel and make devices requiring lifting heavy loads obsolete. To succeed in this endeavor gravity needs to be seen as a wave emitted by every object that contains information reflecting its unique parameters including its relative location to other objects.
To prove its existence and to extract a portion of the emanational wave that relates solely to location a simple experiment can be enacted. You need to place a very very thin copper sphere as round as it can be on a supper flat and smooth at least six foot long table. By placing such a sphere on one end of the table at location A and striking it or by other means one can extract a sound that can be recorded electronically or acoustically and its vibration measured. This frequency signature i.e. a recorded vibrational wave, its tone and frequency will be unique to the sphere when it exists in a specific location A. Then you move the sphere and extract the tone from the sphere at the location B. When the tone is recorded you move the sphere back to location A and bombard it with sufficiently amplified or magnified recorded tone of the location B energy signature. You will observe the sphere moving to location B automatically and it will stop and go no further as it will find its resting point within that vibrational equation.

This will open the door to unlocking the objects from their locational realities. When an object is exposed to the locational component of chosen location different to the one it where it originally exists it ceases to exist in that location and appears at the chosen location congruent with its altered energetic signature. This happens outside of time and there is no “travel” through space because each segment of space has unique locational frequency signature component.

All objects including people and animals radiate their location as part of their energetic signature. If such components can be identified we could create a matrix of locational vibrations to travel instantaneously and it can be extrapolated to the rest of the Universe thus facilitating intergalactic travel. By simply exposing an object to frequencies of another location we can move it to that location. It will cease to exist at one reality and pop out at another reality by injecting the new location component into its frequency signature without travelling from one to another.

Object do take on new frequencies and do move to the location of that frequency. That’s gravity. It is the relationship of frequencies to each other and the relationships of geometry to each other in certain patterns.

So, for example, a mass dense object like a neutron star has highly coherent gravity wave radiation as there is a lot of matter in one area. It radiates it and any object in its vicinity takes on this frequency and as such is drawn in. That’s the mechanism of gravity. It re-identifies locational variables within each object because it is powerful enough to do so: it can overwhelm the initial location signature. The same way the planets and other objects rotate around the Sun and they wobble around when affected by each other and other galactic bodies. Gravity is thus an interactive exchange of information 🙂

Once our technology is able to detect “locational gravity waves” stripped of all background interference noise we will be able to propel objects such as ships or cars by recording a forward facing area wave, amplifying and modulating it and then bombarding the center mass point of the ship or a car with it whilst simultaneously implementing the idea of “less” behind it. Forward movement along the vector will ensue. At warp speed!

There is also a multi dimensional component of the location frequency which filters down to the 4th dimension ( 3 dimensions of space and one of time) where we can observe its effects. The multidimensional component runs into infinite number of dimensions but for us to utilize it we need to have an understanding of the 5th dimension to be able to apply it to our 4th density reality. This is why working with our higher minds is so useful because our higher mind already exists in the 5th dimensional reality. It will give us better understanding how to use this information for our new inventions. I feel we are almost there 😉

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