Pilgrimage to soften the heart

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The pilgrimage of pilgrimage is one of the religious services prescribed in Islam. Because he has the wisdom, virtues and benefits for the pilgrims and the dead who are visited. Among the wisdom disyariatkannya grave pilgrimage as mentioned in the hadiths that shohih is:


  1. To say good-bye and pray for good and ask forgiveness of Allah for the dead of the Muslims, to be released from the torture of the grave, and to be blessed in the grave.

  2. To remember death and the life of the Hereafter, so as not to get lost in the glitter of the life of the world.

  3. In order to soften a hard heart and arrogant, and so forth.


The Pilgrimage Pilgrimage in Islamic Doctrine means visiting the Cemetery and praying for the Spirit of Dad, Mother, Second Parent, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Children, Guardians, Scholars, Brothers and Near Friends who Have Died due to Law Doing Pilgrimage The grave within Islam itself has been allowed or not forbidden because it is one of the Worship that may be done by every Muslim and the Prophet Muhammad SAW has already ordered us to do the Pilgrimage Pilgrimage.


The pilgrims' pilgrimage at the beginning was a custom practice, then the prohibition law was abolished to be permissible practice

Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said "I used to forbid you to visit the grave. But now know, you should visit the grave. Because he can soften the heart, make tears in his eyes, and remind you of the afterlife but do not you say improper words (qaulul hujr), when pilgrimage "(HR Al Haakim 1393)


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