Gratitude Day challenge with @tojukaka. Day 56/62 Breath of life

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The producing of man’s soul is also recorded in Genesis 2:7. Genesis 2:7 says that when the breath of life was breathed into the nostrils of the body of man, man became a living soul. God used two kinds of materials—the dust for making man’s body and the breath of life for producing man’s spirit. When these two things came together, right away man became a living soul. That means the soul is the issue of the breath of life getting into the physical body of man.


Gratitude Day #56

I have always think deep about how we got created by God. Human beings are made up of clays, but it's God who breathed into us and that breath is the reason we are alive.


Breathing is essential to human being to keep us alive and that is the reason why, when someone is no longer breathing, such an individual is already dead.

Biologically, it's plant and animals that do breaths, with plant breath in carbondioxide and breath out oxygen while animals (include the humans) breath in oxygen and breath out carbondioxide respectively.

Oxygen is very essentially for all the metabolic reaction that happened inside our body as well as keeping the heart working when dissolve into the blood.


What we happened if we are buying the oxygen?

A riched man was taken in to the hospital after he was fainted in his house. The doctor so all what necessary to keep this man alive. They give him artificial oxygen in order to keeps him breathing. After few days, he as recovered and every body at the hospital was full of joy.

He asked for the hospital bill and they handed it over to him. Then the man started weeping. He was full of tears. No body knows what is happening and why he is crying.

He speaks out sorrowfully. He said, since he was born, he never knows how much they are selling a kg of oxygen. Hmmmm!!

The man was weeping not because he doesn't have the money to pay for the hospital bill, in fact he can pay it in ten folds. What is making him crying is that, he thinks that, he only used oxygen for few days and they give this charges. What would have happened if we are buying it since we were born?

Sometimes when I'm passing through some difficulties and everything seems like there is nothing to be grateful for. Then I think about the breath of life that was given to us by God almighty.

I'm thankful to God because even when everything seems difficult, and hard. I'm still breathing successfully.

Today I'm very grateful for the breath of life and for the opportunity I have to be among the living soul today.

Thank you so much for your time

I'm @ohakfarm

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