Gratitude Challenge Day52: Art.

in gratitudeday52 •  6 months ago

Hello steemians, greetings to y'all.

It's the 52nd day of the gratitude challenge organized by a greetsoul @tojukaka.


You might be wondering, what now?

Well am happy because of how far we've gone, on thos gratitude challenge.

I must say, it's been God all through.


Today am greatful for Art


Art is life I would say, it's something that is essential in the human world.

Art contributed to the human world greatly.

I live for art.

Now what are you greatful for?

Tell us by joining the gratitude challenge organized by @tojukaka.

What is Gratitudeday?

Everyday is gratitude day.

Gratitudeday is all about being thankful for the things that are happening in your life. A lot of us go through life taking things for granted. The goal is to challenge you to make a blog post about something you are grateful for. It could be big or small. It doesn't matter. Little things matter. I'll be doing this for 62 days (62 is not a random number). It's not an endurance game, you can join in anytime you want and opt out anytime you want.

Am uche-nna.

Thanks For Reading 💙💚💙💚💙.

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Art is life I would say, it's something that is essential in the human world.

I wouldn't agree less.

Art is said to be a truthful lie. It brings out and portrais the unthinkable. Art is an amazing talent given to few, I wish i was perfect in art.


You saud it all. Even me too, I do wish I was just gifted in it.
Thanks for stopping by.

We finally realise everything is embedded in art.
Beauty, style, knowledge, science, emotions and even love, they are all art, which in turn makes artist quite powerful