Gratitude Challenge Day 3: Grateful for a Safe Trip

in gratitudeday •  7 months ago


Hello guys, our boss @tojukaka has created an opportunity for us to be grateful for everything in our lives, and today i am grateful for a successful trip to KWARA STATE, Illorin fo my jamb few months back.

I personally love travelling, i love to see new things, new environments, new cultures and new languages, they always make me happy.

my parents has always restricted me from visiting my relatives who lived very far from us, so i have always been looking for opportunity to travel out of my region to other regions, luckily for me time for jamb came, i had to choose my centre to be very far from my state ENUGU, i chose Kwara state, when my parents heard of this, they weren't happy with me at all, but over time they had to accept.

I had to travel with one of our family friend who also chose the state for exam. luckily for me she had a relative living there so i had a place to stay. on the day i had to travel, I woke up so early went to the park, the bus delayed before living, we were on the road from morning till it was 11:00 pm, the reason was that the bus broke down a few times, but am so so grateful the trip was a successful one, no accident, no major faults only break and clutch issues.

Am so so grateful for a safe trip

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