Why I'm Grateful for Steem and Splinterlands

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Ok, Guys!

I was tagged in a Gratitude Challenge. Thank you, @Clove71!!! And thanks @theycallmedan for thinking of the idea.


I do not normally do the challenge stuff, chain letter, or "blow on a leaf 3 times and magic money will appear in my bank account if I tag 10 people in 5 minutes" sorta stuff-- but this one seems to be fun! I mean, why not? I have a lot to be grateful for!!! So here it goes!

First off, I want to say that I am very grateful for @Goldmatters who bought my Gold Foil Archmage Arius earlier today for $1000 in Steem!!!! Woot!!! I am also very grateful that Steem is low right now, which means that when it goes up..... I made extra $$$! So cheers for both @Goldmatters and for Steem!!!

I am very extremly gratfeul for @yabapmatt and @aggroed for creating Splinterlands!!! And also for hiring my cool sweetie @nateaguila for all his hard work, designing stuff for the game. I am very grateful for all of the Team Members, they work so damn hard! Especially @Clove71 for all her awesomeness!

Even though I'm grateful for Steem overall, I'm going to focus on Splinterlands.

Splinterlands ...... what has it done for me? Why am I so grateful? Well, let me share with you why.

I have been medically diagnosed with Mental Disorders. I have OCD, ADHD, Severe Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Bipolar Depression.

Playing this game helps me so much! Instead of thinking and worrying about stuff that could happen in the future, I just concentrate on getting through each day, unmedicated.

I am re-training my brain. I feel more in control, and I am trying to be more social by posting, commenting and chatting in Discord, Splintertalk etc. It helps me, because I can just walk away from it all if I become too overwhelmed. Splinterlands has a lot happening, and it NEVER gets boring. There is always something to do: battle, daily quests, tournaments, rankings. Always new rules and strategies to learn! In a way, it's a distraction for my brain to just shut off all the craziness and just play and have fun.

I have a special shout out to @pladozero for helping me out with his maxed cards! And of course a special thank you to @nateaguila for getting me hooked on playing this game and putting up with all of my craziness!

So yep, I am Raynie. I am a tad bit crazy, and I love Splinterlands and Steem!

I don't know who to tag...... I guess I will pick:

@jarvie @bubke and @vaansteam

I will send you 5 Vampires each lol.



You are on the right path. I am a psychiatrist, to people who WANT to change their thinking, I advise you to start with this film.

Nothing is impossible!!! The main thing is to desire and believe in the reality of desires and everything will turn out.

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Thank you so much!

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Greetings, dear @raynie

I am grateful too to meet you here on @steemmonsters game.

I pray for you have the best in your life. Sorry for my poor english

Thank you and have a nice day!!!!

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You are kind, thank you!

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Wouldn't be the same without you, Raynie :)

Ahhh thank you!

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Congratulations Raynie!! The card you sold is amazing. I hope someday I get it as well. See you in the battlefield. Cheers.

Thank you!

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What a great game this is and I am so happy you are here!!! You make it even better!!
Archmage Arius 648px, 10fps.gif

Thank you @clove71! That’s sweet!

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Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts about the game and community. I think Steemmonsters is the best example of a well functioning second layer game on top of Steem. Great community, awesome rewards and so much fun to play we couldn't ask for more. The Devs keep on delivering and making the game better, its just a pleasure to ride this wave!
And @raynie you definitely mastered the art of SM Battles, great to have you here!

Thank you! You’re great as well!

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