Gratitude Journal January 18, 2024

in #gratitude5 months ago


So my day was really laid back. I'm really grateful that I woke up and then I had to bring Maple out. I had to dress her up because of the snow, just to make sure she doesn't get any frostbites. After that, I was just using my laptop and searching the internet for some jobs that I could apply for. I then called the bank and had my card activated. After that, I had to go to an ATM. I had to walk for around 30 minutes just to get there. I then deposited some cash and after that, I waited for the bus so my walk going back to the house will be less. I got the mail from the mailbox before going home. I'm thankful that I got home safely. After that, I just continued job hunting. Praying that I'll be able to get one soon. Then I said good bye to my partner because she had to go to school. Fed Maple and cooked dinner. Cleaned up and ran the dishwasher. I continued using my laptop and I had to get ready to meet my partner halfway walking back. Got home together. I"m grateful for today and for everything that has happened.

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