So, what are YOU grateful for today?

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There is nothing quite like engaging with passionate and enthusiastic people. They have a magical way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and they ALWAYS find the silver lining no matter what! I think that many people so often forget just how much there is to get excited about! - IRRESPECTIVE of the stresses faced!

I mean sh!t - I have bills to pay, responsibilities and obligations... none of which particularly excite me lol - and even less if I am behind or not able to fulfill them timeously... but yesterday afternoon on the way home from picking Jude up from school he sat next to me and BURST into song to Jail House Rock - Elvis Presley (yes, that's my shizz nizz haha!) - he was waving his arms, swinging his torso and hips as much as the restraint of the seatbelt allowed haha and as I joined him in song, I just looked at this beautiful little person in complete AWE!

Everything in life is relative and it is not fair of adults to say that children don't have their own respective level of stresses - no MATTER their age... but as he RAN up to my car as I drove through the "kiss and go" part of the parking lot and literally LAUNCHED himself into the seat, he threw all his "worries" away. He was PRESENT in the moment. The moment where he knew, he wouldn't have to listen to teachers or do any school work until the next morning and he ran with that passion, all the way to the bank!

He didn't sit and drain his present moment with the thought of what tomorrow may bring - be it school work, teasing from other children, general disappointments or whatever... no - he just LIVED IN THE MOMENT COMPLETELY! And I am so blessed to have this living, breathing little reminder in my life to do JUST THAT!

Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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You call that the spontaneous moments of life. :)

I'm grateful that I can find enough time to keep up with my #powerhousecreatives family!

I wish you all to remember - we are connected by an endless energy of the universe. We are the ones making an impact!

Being alive comes to mind 😀 Seriously, just today I was thinking how much I miss my friend who passed away last year...

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it's very true, even children has problems also. We might ignored it sometimes because we thought they didn't think much about life. We were wrong with that, remember the children became loner because of what they experienced when they're just a child.
They thought that it's better not to be with everyone, rather than to be but they'll end up hurting.

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I am glad every morning when I open my eyes and at my age I am now really making a point of living in the moment and not spending to much energy worrying about tomorrow's shit.

Lovely post, @jaynie! I love your positivity and love!

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Uplifting post! The best kind. I'm grateful for steem, which has filled up a large portion of my life and made it a warmer happier one. Thanks for being you and all you do.