Great idea: the gratitudetrain

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Great idea: the gratitudetrain

Sometimes we are so involved in giving too much attention to what does not work in our lives that we easily forget the things and people we might be thankful for.

Thankfulness is one great healer

and power creator. It has helped me so many times going through overwhelm and hardship. It is even so powerful that I do rally agree that it should be part of a daily routine, such as brushing teeth or taking a shower.

I wrote this small posting due to a posting of another steemer (@jaynie), whom I wanna thank to throw thankfulness forward into the steem consciousness ;) - Thank you!

Practising thankfulness

Just to practise I'll say thank you for steem, my computer, my gf, overall health after a flu, having tasty food and electric light, a heating in the cold of winter, the chair i am sitting on, the friends that are still friendly even after a crisis, my hands, that I can use to type, my eyes which help me read and write the steemit articles, fotos and videos, I am thankful for having brothers and sisters even though i couldn't be with them for too much time,... thanx for my feet on the floor, the thousands of nights I spent dancing, my gf family being mostly healthy and happy, for her waking me up in the morning with that smile that makes my day, now being there, while I write and work, sleeping peacefully and being thankful or the cosy bed. Thank you so much for the friends and people who trust me and who help/ed me through a chain of crisis which itself helped me to have an even closer look behind the veil of the common perceptions, I am thankful for me being able to remember what I had just written and accidentally deleted writing this post and having the gratifying discipline to just write it again and being able to see it as practice. I am so thankful that I can see myself as a learning human being and the socks on my feet, the shoes that I'll use later and the fresh air for the closeness of the park, thanx for the choice to write again tomorrow or not to and the freedom to finish this posting, now.

#gratitude #gratitudetrain #thankfulness #dankbarkeit

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