The Culprit

in gratitude •  last year 

While i wrote the prose yesterday i thought to direct myself as to why i chose to write the 10 year old prose today.

      Ever felt like you cannot take a start? Stuck or hung over in time, with things, work, thoughts or even feelings?

Procrastination is a thief which sets in quickly when it sees you there. It steals away the little time you have left after all that was letting you down. But you see it is a thief but it is not your culprit. You are!
Because you do not recognize your needs, you let the passion inside die and leave an empty space for things like procrastination, distraction, hesitation .. to take over and consume you.
Tend to your needs, become stronger by the day, know yourself, get to know who you are and what is it that you want. Do not kill your ambitions, goals and focus. How do i kill them you ask? By not watering a plant and by depriving it from sunlight we ultimately take charge of its murder, we murder the self we pretend to care so much about.
My only question is can't you give time to your self?
Nourish it, cherish is, appreciate your efforts and little achievements and guess where you need to take a kick start from? Gratitude.

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