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There is no denying the fact that we have things to be grateful for. The year went by so fast but not without things to be thankful for. Gratitude is an appreciation for what was done in the past and then an application for the things that would be done next. We need to cultivate that attitude of gratitude.

We often wait for the big things before we are grateful. Often times we tend to also focus on what wasn’t working rather than the ones that worked. We also sometimes focus on the closed door, thereby ignoring the door than has been opened for us, right beside us. Most of the times, when someone is hurting from a heart break; he or she closes his or her heart and forgets those who have been there for him or her all along. Never allow your pains and hurts to turn you into an act of ingratitude.


I read a story that touched my heart today. I will try to summarize it because I don’t want to quote it word for word. It was a story of a dog. The dog came into a butcher’s place and and dropped the purse in his mouth while staring at the meat. The butcher smiled and jokingly asked if the dog wants some meat, and the dog barked. He asked the dog if it was half a pound or a pound, that moment the dog barked again. The butcher asked which one he preferred; Liver, Bacon, or Steak and immediately he barked again.

The butcher noticed the purse, checked, found the money and picked the money for what the dog was given. He was a little curious to see where the dog would go and he followed the dog. The dog entered an apartment and started scratching the door. The owner opened the door and started shouting at the dog. The butcher interrupted and told the owner, ”This is one of the most intelligent dog I have ever seen” the owner retorted, “which dog? I always tell him never to forget his key! And this is the third time this week he has forgotten his key”

The owner of the dog focused on what wasn’t working or what the dog wasn’t doing right, forgetting the wonderful things the dog is doing right. You need to have a positive approach to things, only then can you truly be grateful for the things that you have received.

…to be continued…

Thank you for your time.

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