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Today I give thanks to God and especially to steemit, I got my first reward and thanks to @hopehuggs, @malos10 and @rapo, I was able to go with my shopping daughters; Maybe it sounds impossible but with the $ 4 dollars received I was able to buy several things (like for example: ham, cheese, smoked pork chop) that in months we have not been able to consume. Truly the smile and satisfaction of my daughters is priceless.

compra 1.jpg

I work in the insurance area and what I receive as a monthly payment is the amount of Bs. 2,550,000.00 (according to the increase of May 1) equivalent to $ 1.7 dollars; The current prices of some of the basic products are:

Eggs bs. 1,700,000.00 ................................. .. $ 1.13 dollars
Meat bs. 2,300,000.00 ................................. .. $ 1.55 dollars
Chicken bs 1,800,000.00 ................................. .. $ 1.20 dollars

So you can imagine how you can make a head of family (as is my case @carlos8049888) to feed a family group for example my two daughters.
That's why I give thanks to steemit, and I hope to continue putting effort and a lot of heart into this work and in some way improve both the diet and the life of my family.

compra 2.jpg


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Welcome to Steemit and HUGE Congratzzz on being able to make your very first withdrawal. You've only been here since April and you've already provided food for your family with only a $4.00 withdrawal from your Steemit account.

I'm from Jamaica, so I know how much value even one US$1.00 has. Just yesterday I made that point in a couple comments. What seems like so few cents to many can make a huge world of difference to so many others.

Thank you for sharing your story. I've upvoted and will resteem and FB/tweet. And HUGE Thanks to @hopehuggs, @malos10 and @rapo for helping you find your feet as a new Steemian. I wish you all the best.

Remember to also build up your account value as best you can because that will help you to make even more money later. Continue your hard work and Bless you as you continue to take good care of your family responsibilities.

Angel Blessings, @carlos8049888 and I'll be cheering you on!

muy bien, gracias a steemit pero sobre todo a ti por la iniciativa y por organizarlo todo.
votado y compartido.


gracias por tu apoyo

Upvoted and resteemed and will forward it to some important people to see if they will help too cos that's what they do


Thank you God is always by your side blessing the good works you do

I've heard of how steemit is transforming lives in Venezuela (from the stories of @oscarcc89) but didnt know it helped THIS MUCH!

Really hoped that things will improve there especially with the hyperinflation but also glad that Steemit is able to help big time!


Maybe you think it's an exaggeration situation in Venezuela, but you have to live it, I live in my own flesh lack of food, lack of transportation, lack of medicines, it's sad because it is an oil country but we are sinking into the poverty, thank you for your comment and support.

Best of luck, hope you will do great in this site and the site will do the rest for you.


thanks for the support

Espero que a las niñas les guste el regalo!


gracias mi niño, si no fuera por ti nada de esto seria posible, que dios los bendiga a ti y a tu papi, te queremos mucho y nunca tendré como agradecerte todo esto.

I like the faith of this guy in Ghana most of my friends are not working like me but I joined steemit the very first day I have been introduced with faith and mentality that it shall be well event hough since I joined, I did have have any money to withdraw yet I know it shall be OK one day that I will also withdraw money to help my sick father who can no longer move. I tried to introduce more of my friends but they just told me it's fake and it's a fraud so if I will make my first withdrawal I should let them know so that they can bere witness to see if it's real and I told them to keep waiting. Nice try @carlos8049888 and may God richly bless you @ackza for the good work you are doing to help others on steem it.


thank you for your comment that is a great support, you will realize that it is not false and thanks to this community and all its members my daughters will have a better quality of life, luck and a lot of success for you too.

😍 God bless you more!!! ♥


thank you for your support and blessings for you too

Upvoted & resteemed like I promised


thank you, really thank you very much for the support

One of the biggest reasons I love steemit!


I also, thank and thank God for belonging to this great family, thank you for your support

I'm so glad to hear that Steemit is helping you and your family. I am following you now and look forward to hearing more about you, your family and your life in Venezuela. God bless.


Of course yes, venezuela is a beautiful country, and I thank God for being here, I also hope that my situation and that of many Venezuelans can change and improve, thank you for your support.