Gratefulvibes: SteemitAchiever's first Ever Discord Live Contest was a HUGE Success!


screenshot from discord channel

The messages shown above displays the success of the first ever Steemitachievers' Discord live contest which was scheduled last Saturday, February 10, 2018.

We are ever grateful to the initiator and host of the live game, @deeday31 for making this possible as well as to the generous donors @junebride and @lebron2016. Without the three of them, this game won't be realized.

How it all started.

Two weeks back, all three of these ladies were at the discord channel. Dismayed with how "quiet" the channel was. Then all of a sudden, @deeday31 had a bright idea! How about a discord live contest?

This will surely bring our members into discord instead of hanging out with Facebook messenger. For the past weeks, we had been having issues with that medium, links are blocked and things like that. Discord however, is a tool used by many groups in Steemit so we need to transition over.

True enough, that idea started a habit that we will strive to continue, once every two weeks or perhaps once a month because this surely is a way for us to have fun together as a group!

The Steemitachievers members are all over the world, we have members from Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and lot more. In the Philippines, members are all scattered in LuzViMinda! But coming together in that live discord contest was so much fun and it builds friendships among the members.

I had been laughing watching them engage with each other, spitting out jokes too!

Here's the engagement between them while @deeday31, the host gave them trial logo images to guess:


first trial, screenshot from discord


here's the second trial, screenshot from discord

Yes, there will be more of this in the future! We just need more SBDs to give out, we need time to stock on SBDs but we are also happy to receive any donations for the team's future games.

Here's a blog entry by the host, @deeday31 which documents all the winners and the things that had occurred during the contest:

Steemitachievers' Discord Channel Live Contest #1: DocuBlog + Winners

Winners received their prizes!

Image credits to @deeday31

Again, we are grateful to @deeday31 for the support and for initiating this fun contest. Grateful as well to all the donors and the participants of the live contest. More coming up soon!


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go go go #steemitachievers!!! I'm so proud of you and congrats to all the winners!

Aww I missed this game. Hope you can host a weekly game like this on discord! Would love to join haha this looks like a really fun and cool game!

Tamad ako palipat lipat :-D
Pwede po Twitter contest paramihan retweets and favorites/likes ng #steemitachievers tweets hahaha 😂

It was fun and exciting. See you next Saturday guys!

Congratulations all winner..Its a great community we love to cherish in.God bless us and more power to upvote.
Keep the spirit of unity than thinking how sbd/steem becoming low or high

I felt nervous, excited, anxious, and happy at the same time because of this game! Really fun! Thank you again to the host and sponsors. ♥

It was my 1st time hosting a game! Aside from xmas games with kids here at our house.. and that 1st time experience was sooooo great!!! I am so happy that everyone enjoyed the game ! Weeee go go go #steemitachievers!!! 💓💓💓