I can't believe I'm saying this!! Today it snowed!!

Yep, here in Wisconsin one ever knows what the weather will bring.
Today mother nature brought snow!!

Snow Vlog

Honestly, this wasn't just a few minutes.
This snow went on all afternoon.

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!


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No snow in my part of Wisconsin. It was a nice day after it stoped raining. Got the Halloween decorations up. ❄

Wow, living in Cape Town for about a year now, I actually haven't seen snow in a loong time that this video made me feel very excited. I usually hate winter but also love watching snow, this is the biggest contradiction in the world!

Wow.. i want to experience SNOW 😍thank you for sharing @paradise-found

that would make my day 😄 lol thanks for sharing!

Oh wow snow looks like a warning for whats to come this chilly season get ready @paradise-found

Woow, how nice I haven't had the opportunity to witness this kind of natural events, I hope someday I can. Thank you for sharing this beautiful thing.

OMG! 😍How beauty I hope some day to see the snow fall ❄

I'm down near Janesville and we haven't seen that yet but the forecast is saying chances of rain mixed with snow tonight. Actually I'm hoping I'll sleep through it!

I absolutely love to witness the first snow falls. It is a great experience.