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Celebrating the #gratefulvibes family

GV Family Curation trail Contest

One winner each week for 3 weeks.
If you win your name is removed from the drawing.
All other names remain in for the following week.
If you enter the first week, you have three chances to win.
If you enter the second week, two chances.
If you enter the third week, you have one chance.

Prize awards

1st week - 10 Steem prize on July 23rd
2nd week - 10 Steem prize on July 30th
3rd week - 20 Steem awarded on @paradise-found's Birthday, August 6th!!

How to enter the contest

Enter by joining the @gratefulvibes Family Curation Trail at
Use default settings:
Set at 50% (default) and scale voting weight (default).

Join the World Wide Voice Chat for more details

#gratefulvibes discord community

Discord Link:
DATE: Tuesday, July 17th
TIME: 8:30 AM CST in the USA
(other time zones below)
9:30 PM in the Philippines
2:30 PM in Nigeria & London
3:30 PM in Serbia
4:30 PM in Bulgaria

All who follow the #Gratefulvibes Curation Trail

If 50 people join the trail - 50 upvotes
If 100 people join the trail - 100 upvotes
Eventually 200 people join the trail - 200 upvotes
One Trail upvote per day

Please bring any questions to the Voice Chat on Tuesday

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!


I joined immediately after you went to sleep. And there are 5 members when i logged in. I hope we grow big and have lot of fun and upvotes. This is cool feature.

Bhar - go back and change your settings to the default.
Set at 50% (default) and scale voting weight (default).

Thanks Papa Bear and more power!
Have a great day.

YAY!! Grateful for gratefulvibes!!

Its a good initiative I want to join it.
Advance Happy Bday

Join the trail, win SBD!!
Have you joined our discord channel?
here is the link:

Thank you Sir
Happy to know you and thank you for your answer,Sir.

This comment was made from

Hi i just join your trail

Have you joined our discord channel?
here is the link:

Yes I join already

more power and more blessings to you our dear papa bear <3 <3 <3
Congratulations and I'm so happy to be a part of this awesome Gratefulvibes Family <3 <3 <3

Join the trail, win SBD!!

This is wonderful Papa Bear.
Can't wait for our chat on Tuesday.

God Bless!

Join the trail, win SBD!!

Wow, would love to be part of the trail papa bear.
Will charge my vp first.

More power to @gratefulvibes ! ❤️

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