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Today I’m grateful for our family and friends, two and four-legged. :D I’m grateful for beautiful and almost peaceful (if the dogs didn’t hear the neighbours talking and bark their heads off for a few minutes every time they went outside) day we had here today, the sky was blue with some pretty clouds most of the day and looked like more rain was heading our way this evening, which is good, we need more rain. :D I’m grateful for the tasty barbecued pork chops, potatoes and corn we enjoyed for our supper tonight. :D I’m grateful for these and for all the other blessings in our lives. :D Most of all, I’m grateful to God for blessing us with another day to share. :D

God bless you all. :D Have an awesome day everyone! :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D Thank you to @zainenn for the GHSC footer as well. :D
(All photos taken by me or for me by my handsome husband on my Huawei P30 Lite.)

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