30 day challenge - Gratitude - Day one

in gratefulness •  last year

I have a good life, but I always have a nagging feeling that I should have more, I should have a better life, there is always something more.

To be honest, I actually have a good life, but sometimes I forget. I've previously done a 30 day fitness challenge and I loved it. At the end of the 30 days I said that I'd do another challenge and after a lot of thought I have decided to be grateful and start a 30 day gratitude diary.

Day one
I'm living in Ireland and we were all waiting for a storm (which hasn't done much damage here in Limerick) and am working from home, The broadband has gone in my area so I can't log into work, which sounds like a bad thing but it isn't, because I now have a guilt free day at home with my fab family and on that note I wish you all a fantastic afternoon, I'm going to snuggle up on the seatee with my wee boys and wife and I'm going to watch a nice movie.

Does life get any better 😁

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Gratitude to the loved one :)

We are getting the 'storm' this evening lol


Good luck baton down those hatches 😉

Hi, @scottish I looking forward to this challenge.
Such a good way to give back and be grateful.
Yes you are lucky... to have a home office, no stressful colleagues to disturb you... 👥. Peace


Thank you so much, I am most grateful that you are recovering and will soon be posting your excellent stories again on Steemit 😁 hope your recovery goes well and please don't push yourself to hard, like everything it takes time to get back to


Yes I taking it easy now. No stress 🤓