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Thank you for taking care of Steem(it)!

I know I wasn't around that much, and I may not be around too soon, but I want to honestly thank you for taking care of Steem!

That is all I had to say for the moment :)


Ur still welcome!...:)

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I really appreciate!

Indeed! This community is outstanding.

Hope you're doing something interesting while not on the platform!

Thanks! I'm trying, but it doesn't always turn out so interesting as it could be :))

Welcome back! It is good to see you again!
I would like to recommend to be active.
If not on Steemit, then on another Steem blockchain dApp.
There are many good dApps on the Steem blockchain, such as dPoll, Musing, and even the Steem Monsters game.
I consider myself a very active Steemian nowadays. I am trying to upvote people's posts and comments daily and I am trying to post at least one blog post per day in the January of 2019. We will see how it will go. We are currently approximately halfway trough the month (today is the 15th of January).
I am also trying to answer other people's polls/questions daily. And I am playing the Steem Monsters game for the daily reward cards and for the season rewards.
It is worth to be active on the Steem blockchain! Good luck Andrew!