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What is BCSHOP.IO ?

BCSHOP.IO is an online market platform that allows merchants to put up their products and services for sale! Buying or selling goods or products using ETH and other supported tokens is powered by the blockchain technology. It also has this built-in service called ESCROW service to allow for trusted deals.

Features of BCSHOP.IO ?

  • It uses multi-wallet and also supports multiple device.

  • Goods and services price are affordable.

  • It uses ETH and other supported tokens.

  • Built-in ESCROW services for trusted deals.

Here's a link to the website.

For More Information and Resources

Why did I choose this design? Just take a look at the design and tell me it doesn't show it's all about buying and selling. Well that's why I chose my design, with the cart and slogan, when people see it they know it's all about market, buying and selling.



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