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in #graphics5 years ago

I recently made a phone background for myself using free stickers from PicsArt. It features stickers of things that are important to me and I enjoy such as Boba tea, D.Va & Overwatch, Arizona Tea & sushi, Cayde-6, 2NE1 & Red Velvet, bunnies, toblerone, and anything else I found exceptionally cute while browsing through the options. PicsArt is really nice for people who like to stick stickers on their selfies and other pictures (personally that's not my cup of tea). I for one think it's quite useful for collages. It's also useful for editing photos with it's large selection of filters, editing tools, and more. So if you're interested, PicsArt is a nice and not to mention FREE app that you may enjoy. Hope you like my phone wallpaper!



awesome wallpaper that is all the best

Yay! Thank you!

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