cards : diamonds set

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spritesheet 200x300 no borders (borders are a waste of bytes, computers don't care for it, it's all in your head)
arranged with blank card at frame 0 so the array (in case of) can go nice hearts(1) ... hearts(13) or ('k') whatever the lingo or fancy

spritesheet, full renders and more available at #opengameart

here :

plenty more to come

and :
yup, no money no me, i can't remember how many broke summers in a year now, all because of failure to kiss the bishop's ring and bend the knee ...

But now, between what Flixxo and Choon pulled on me this week - i'm a bit seriously quite not in the mood for conversation - it's not like it's worth shit, but its the treatment and the way it's done, like you're supposed to suck up because they provide the holy grail while they just sit partying with the money they collect from it hm ?

Anyway, im not gonna smear campaign ... 360thousand notes is worth 0cents and those 50 flixx i charged from the amount i bought (back when i believed in it) is worth ? hmm 65 cents


So those 1200 something flixx i had in there are ?
$15 huh ?

so as a principle they OWE ME FUCKING MONEY, as for #choon and WANKER from Manchester ... ? I think i deserve A REASON GIVEN WHY MY FUCKING ACCOUNT IS GONE ? fucking wanker

99% of crypton is a fucking pack of narcists on coke, i swear to all gods and demons ...

gud, that's off my chest, they won't see me again ...



hm ...
there : lifetime earned 366thousand, times streams : 10thousand, balance : ZERO, account : GONE ... its gone ... so ... is that because i told that christian punk bank "i dont go around bashing faggots teeth in" as their song went "but i think you're hilarious" ? did i offend Jesus maybe


... so you ask yourself ... "why do not people not trust politics" ... or ICO-fuckers ? or ... CRYPTO ?

because of fuckers like motherfucking fuckers like fucking that

shit piss ass cunt dick

off my chest, im gud now ...

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