My entrance to Graphics Design Contest:

in graphics •  10 months ago

bcshopio7 (1).png It is an online platform and market within the block chain that works through Ethereum's smart contracts. In which we can sell or buy any product or service in a very safe way. You can create your offers by going to the website in a very easy way.

I made the following logos / posters thinking about projecting aspects of The first image says that it is an online market, the second shows that it works through intelligent contracts and the third one that works with the Ethereum.


And the next one expresses that you can sell or buy any product or service in this online market.

Puedes vender%2Fcomprar cualquier.jpg

These logos / posters were made by my person @nicole27 for the @mediaworks contest which is sponsored by

For more information about the contest click here


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