Graft: Safety and comfort | my entrance to the graphics contest of mediaworks

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What is GRAFT?

Graft has currently created a new platform which improves the cryptocurrency market thus giving its users more convenience and ease. Any company large or small can start accepting cryptocurrencies in a very safe way! because Graft makes the transactions in real time and that is due to its new RTA technology. Another benefit of this new platform is that if the seller only works with a cryptocurrency X and you have a Y cryptocurrency, it is not necessary to make exchanges or procedures since Graft will make the payment with the cryptocurrency that the seller works with.

graft logo nuevo nicole1.jpg

I made this logo in which you can see that Graft can work with any cryptocurrency, which provides comfort to its users. In addition, it can be seen that, instead of having the three points on the top of the name, I decided to place the colors in the letters representing them.

This graphic was made by my @Nicole27

For more information about the contest click here


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