GRAFT Network: The All-In-One Payment Machine

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GRAFT Network which stands for Global Real-Time Authorizations and Funds Transfers is an open-source, decentralized and blockchain-based payment processing network that anyone can use. GRAFT is an ultimate payment system because by using GRAFT, buyers can purchase products through any payment forms including cryptocurrencies and for the merchants, they can accept any payment forms. GRAFT applies the same payment processing protocols similar with traditional electronic payment systems. This enables faster and easier adoption of GRAFT as a payment platform and eliminating the need of intermediaries.

I created this banner that best represents GRAFT as an all-in-one payment machine wherein buyers can purchase items with any payment forms and for the merchants, they can accept any payment forms
such as credit, fiat and cryptocurrencies.


Payment Flow of GRAFT

One main reasons for the low adoption of cryptocurrencies is the long confirmation times and high transaction fees. Customer dislike waiting long and as a result. Unlike some other cryptocurrency networks that tried to resolve this problem by introducing special add-on systems or transaction types, GRAFT processes all its transactions in “real time” (we expect most transactions to be completed in less than 3 seconds). Critically, GRAFT achieves this real-time payment without charging the customer an extra fee.

Graft Mobile Wallet

Graft Mobile Wallet provides token management and payment mechanism for the GRAFT Network.A GRF wallet application designed to manage your GRF holdings. This mobile wallet also sets up the "top up" rules between other currencies, credit cards and GRAFT.

You can download the app in Play Store and in App Store

I created a promotion poster for GRAFT Mobile Wallet. The promotion material explains the functions of the app and also some of its features.

Graft Point of Sale

This app is a mobile Point-of-sale app or payment terminal for the GRAFT Network. It is useful for merchants who have no current point of sale yet and also for those who want to change their fiat POS to a crypto one.

Similar to the Mobile Wallet, I also created a promotion poster for GRAFT Point of Sale showing the use of this app and the great features of this app.

How to use Graft's Mobile Application

In the above graphics, the Graft's Mobile Application is already presented. Their use and their features are presented through a promotional poster. After knowing the mobile applications, it is also essential to know how to use the mobile applications.

To know how to use the mobile applications, I created a step by step procedure with pictures regarding how to use the two apps, mobile wallet and point of sale.


GRAFT's Available Services

For more informations about GRAFT:



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