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Browsing online and going through web pages can be informative and fun till annoying banner ads pop up, bearing information that would have been useful if not for the "annoying" part.

The world of digital advertisement is dominated by two major corporations; Google and Facebook. They dictate and control the whole unit of advertisement at expensive price for advertisers. This is scaring many advertisers from using online advertisement. Do we really need middleman before we can have effective advertisement? The answer is no and that is why Kind Ads is here.

What is Kind Ads?

Kind Ads is a decentralized advertising platform that will create effective advertisement without the use of middleman.

Kind Ads is built on the Etheruem blockchain to form a decentralized platform. Without the use of middleman, advertisers and publishers can work perfectly to deliver targeted ads to demographics. How do they plan to do this?

Users can request for particular ads with a profile sketched by them. The advertisers contact qualified publishers to deliver these ads through push notification and email marketing. Who are the qualified publishers?

There is a reputation system or score on the platform for publishers. The more effective campaigns a publisher have run, the higher his/her reputation. Higher reputation qualify for more jobs from advertisers and earn more Kind tokens.

On Kind Ads platform, publishers get instant payment for their services instead of waiting for days or weeks. This is another plus for the platform.

Kind Tokens

Kind Ads ecosystem is powered by Kind tokens. Tokens are circulated as a reward of services rendered by publishers and opting in and out of requests by users.

This can be simply illustrated like this: The advertisers purchase tokens for effective advertisement at low cost. The publishers get rewarded with tokens by advertisers for effective advertisement. The users get rewarded with token for requesting for ads. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

My Graphic Presentation For Kind Ads

In my honest opinion, the part that interests me the most about Kind Ads is:

Kind Ads is not creating competition with Google or Facebook. We just creating a platform where there is balance in the ecosystem and no middleman involved.

This is very simple enough. I have created simple logos, gifs and illustration to show what Kind Ads is all about. Gone are the days of crazy color combination for logos, a logo should be simple and have a quick meaning to the audience. These are the two logos I created.



Let me clearly define both logos. KIND ADS simply means the name of the company. I could have used 'KA' but it won't glorify the name. Kind Ads is a platform "Kind" to everyone so I had to spell it out to remind us. The picture is a phone and a megaphone. The phone stands for digital, online or technology. The megaphone represents effective advertisement. When you talk through a megaphone, it catches everyone's attention.

Let me show a picture illustration that shows what Kind Ads stands for.


We all like platforms where we can earn and Kind Ads is another platform to earn tokens. From the picture, we surely know what Kind Ads stands for. Kind Ads is the future of advertising, that is obvious. They will ensure no middleman or stress of fees, commissions or delay in payment and you can earn tokens.



I did these gifs to match up the pictures I created for Kind Ads. They show what the platform stand for. The second looks more like an advertisement for the ad company (lol).

Finally, Kind Ads is truly the future of advertising. From the scraping of middleman to decentralization to replacement of banner ads with email marketing and push notification. The transparency between advertisers and publishers will Foster a good relationship between both units in the ecosystem.

Watch this hangout interview with one of the advisers, Neil Patel:


For Additional Information, check these links:

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Really cool.. Are you a graphics designer ?