Graphics design for the mediaworks graphic contest GoChain.

in graphics •  10 months ago

GoChain is a versatile, superior, minimal effort, and decentralized digital money and blockchain that backings savvy contracts and circulated applications.

It gives a wallet a speed in its exchanges which gives security and validity to the clients that make utilization of this imperative administration.

GoChain central goal is to give a versatile, minimal effort, vitality effective stage for advanced cash and decentralized applications.

GoChain :

  • An open digital currency

  • Manufacture decentralized applications and shake strong keen contracts

  • Completely perfect with existing Ethereum wallets, brilliant contracts and different instruments

  • Quick exchanges and contract execution

  • Cutting edge decentralized application stage goes past Ethereum savvy contracts.

my entry

I decided to go with this design because i think it'll be more Customer friendly. This design should definitely get the users attention.

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