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Hello, dear friends, happy to participate again in another great contest promoted by the friends of @mediaworks, this time it's about developing some design for the friends of Graft, anything that will help them to publicize the new platform.

What's Graft all about?

Graft is an innovative payment platform, where you can make payments instantly, integrating your software with the mobile technology and payment technology that merchants already use for easy adoption.

Everyone can start integrating Graft as a collection method, and start receiving cryptocurrencies from either a small retailer or a small business.

Graft is Fungible and fast, like cash, safe as a checkbook, compatible with authorizations and facilities such as credit cards.

Graft is the evolution in the blockchain of payments, with the new B2C designed for points of sale, Graft is decentralized, fast, private, intelligent contracts, decentralized integration all integrated into a single platform.

What services does Graft offer us?

Among the services Graft offers us is the GRAFT Mobile Wallet, a wallet designed to manage your GRF holdings as well as to establish the rules for "topping up" among other currencies, credit cards and GRAFT.

Another of the services provided by Graft is GRAFT CryptoFind, with this application you can quickly find companies that accept cryptography, either by category or by location. In addition, this application helps to build a complete database of all companies that accept cryptography.

One of the services offered by Graft is GRAFT Mobile POS, a technology that can be used by small merchants who do not have a point of sale, or existing payment terminals, and who want to increase their Fiat points of sale with a cryptographic point of sale.

Without a doubt a great advance for all merchants who wish to include cryptography in their payment methods, in a new era like the blockchain, this fabulous platform cannot be missing.

For this contest, create a funny animation where you can see in a summarized way some of the virtues and benefits of Graft.


If you wish to participate in the competition, you can find the information in the following form link.

If you want to know more about this great project you can visit the Graft page in the following link.

Check out this video for more information!


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excelente amigo mucha suerte

Gracias amigo, un abrazo!

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Thanks friends of @creativecrypto for the support, projects of this type are important to encourage original and quality work

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