GoChain: platform 100% compatible with ethereum (design contest for your logo)

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This article is made for the design contest carried out by @mediaworks and whose theme is the GoChain platform

Now, what is GoChain?

We go first with the problem, currently the platform of the ethereum has a problem, it is controlled, but it is seen in the not too distant future that the problem will be greater, and it is due to the very essence of the platform itself, since its information validation system is slow and consumes a lot of time and energy, and each time is accentuated more, then you see the need to solve this problem, but there is a detail, to solve it you have to create a new platform, a new ecosystem that solvent that fails

Changing the validation system for a simpler and more secure one, gochain advances to the future, resolving scalability problems in one go, with 13000 transactions per second, leaving behind the 13 ethereum transactions, there is the biggest advantage, now this platform is designed with the icos already started in the ecosystem of the ethereum, so it is 100% compatible with it, running and in full operation is only waiting for users to migrate and make use of it

What are the details of the logo?

The logo is designed with a futuristic image, seeking to give the theme the innovativeness of the page, placing blocks that leave the nucleus of the ethereum towards the train of the gochain, giving the idea of ​​the trip to the new ecosystem already underway to solve the current problems of the ecosystem of the ethereum, the main characteristics of the gochain platform were also placed

The logo was made in various colors to make known in different ways, logos are attached with a link to expand and copy them





If you want to participate in the contest or see the other design works do not hesitate to enter here

I hope you like it, says goodbye to you @baddaddy


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