MY ENTRY ~ Graphics Design Contest: Firmo

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Hi everyone, this is my entry for a graphics design contest sponsored by Firmo and @mediaworks here on Steemit!

But first, what is Firmo?

In simple terms, Firmo is an infrastructure for financial contracts. Their goal is bringing traditional financial tools such as derivatives and futures to the blockchain in a secure manner that traditional methods currently lack.

And, whats is FirmoLang?

Firmo is developing a programming language that will allow projects easily integrate financial tools with just a few lines of code. Firmo can be applied to existing blockchain projects as well as upcoming ones in the future.

,so this is my submission:




For More Information & Resources about FIRMO:
Firmo Website
Firmo Technical Paper
Firmo Telegram
Firmo Reddit
Firmo Twitter
Frimo Facebook

If you want to participate in this contest please go here.



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