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Apart from the day i held my first phone in hand (Sagem X-5) and i became a super hero taking pictures and sving the world. I also went down the line to continue and become a graphic designer. If you see some of my previous posts you'll ave an idea of what i am saying.

So whats a designer's favorite thing? Well that differs a lot from one designer to another. Some will say they can't go anywhere without their pc, some say they can't go anywhere without their camera. But, if there is one thing that most can all agree especially for Graphic Designers it is their fonts.

Now the thing is i can bet you a good share of my steem earnings that every graphic designer has close to a thousand or more fonts but in the course of improving his design process, he or she will have only about 10 or less which they use for most of their commissions and projects actively.

And here are the Top 5 that i will recommend and just so you know I have been saving lives with my design for over 5 years now ^__________^

  1. Futura...ahh!!! the Almighty Futura

  2. Helvetica

  3. Garamond

  4. Gotham

  5. Avant Garde

Now...why these because they have been carefully designed and used my many other super-heroes and they never leave you disappointed especially when going from one media to another. The legibility stays the same regardless of the scale, the kerning makes it readable regardless of the intricacy. And hey!!!! they are very simple Fonts

Which Fonts are your Favorites?

Let me know in the comment section below and please don't forget to Resteem // Up-vote

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Font lists, always a favorite of mine! Could not live without Gotham. I'd add Calibri and Titilium Web as go-tos for me, but there are so many!!

yeah righ!!!! so many
Are you designer too?

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