This is my Entry for Graphic Design Contest: "Caspian Assisting Crypto Traders"

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I am joining a contest about graphic design that is being hosted by @mediaworks: Here is the link

What is Caspian?

Is a single trading platform that is intended for Crypto traders and investors who are having difficulty in monitoring their funds from different exchanges.

Caspian has 6 different products which can help traders with regard to their monitoring.

To know more about the product, click the image above

logo line.png

Here is my entry for this contest

Graphic 1.

Products are indicated same as some of the features.

Graphic design for mediawork 2.png

Graphic 2.

Indicated some of the benefits and features.

Graphic design for mediawork 2.2.png

I chose this design because it collaborates with the color of the site. I put some part of the logo as a background. Putting hexagon shapes as one, describing exchanges being accessible in one interface.

This contest is hosted by @mediaworks


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hi @coinbelly

It has been a while since I've hear from you so I decided to check your blog and see if you're still around.

I've noticed that you're not very active lately. having a break? or did you give up on Steemit? (hope not)

enjoy your weekend buddy
Yours, Piotr