Dance of Death

in graphic •  2 months ago 

Made for "teh lulz" by "me" , years ago when "we" were heavy into Ad&d and i had a full house 24/7 and was someone you wouldnt recognize today


But i actually just need to test the re-script on my autovoter-script , if it works i can


squash it from 1400 lines into about 50 using one function i.o. copypasted chunks (its not a service, its personal, handpicked and votes on accounts not posts ... best i can do with the little SP i have ...)

in 4,3,2,1

I try to push
"me" to quit at 5 so i effectively quit at six at the very last because with all the interesting stuff, despite the ultra-broke i'm wearing myself out if i don't mind that now heh ...

all or nothing, now you see me, then you don't .. bi-polar they say and i keep saying ... i got more poles than poland, you can't box me in a spreadsheet


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