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What is Graft

Graft is an around the world, freely discharged, blockchain-based, decentralized portion section and taking care of stage that anyone can use. Any buyer and shipper can use Join in a completely decentralized and unassuming way. Unite organic framework is open, so anyone can participate by keeping up Join blockchain and completing framework organizations. Join uses portion taking care of traditions and streams like standard electronic portion structures, for instance, credit, charge, and prepaid cards, which are presently normal to and trusted by countless and shippers around the world.

My design


Reason for using this design

I choose to use the logo in light of the fact that am truly movatived with the way Graft is planing to change the way shippers and organizations execute. I need the logo to be simple with the name of this stunning organization GRAFT and also a computer at the background and this is can of similar to the one use by this amazing organization.

Here is the link to the Graft



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