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What is Graphene?

Graphene is a Phore blockchain project. It is a lightweight versatile network, it is extremely strong and secure. Graphene is bringing a new way to how DeFi should be by having dedicated shard for each individual aspect of DeFI (one for Lending, one for pooling, one for issuing assets. the list goes on). It is a game-changer and major upgrade to the industry (it will unlock massive opportunities in the Defi space). It will be unveiled to the public soon.

See a demo of the new Graphene wallet

How do I get Graphene ($GFN)?

All #Graphene will be airdropped to the community, there will be no ICO or IEO nor pre-mine.
For you to own Graphene ($GFN) you must have Phore ( $PHR). So get some Phore now while it is still undervalued. In a nutshell, PHore ($PHR) is the goose that will lay the golden egg (Graphene - $GFN).

Graphene Airdrop Date to be announced soon!

Where can I get Phore ($PHR)?
You can buy from these exchanges:
Graviex :
Crex 24 :

You can even win some free Phore ($PHR) from our weekly Phore Trivia quiz which comes up every Thursdays.
venue: Phore Discord community server:

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Graphene is almost here and it will have a big impact in the Defi industry!

good description that it is and how it will be distributed graphene in users, know that it will be delivered to the holders, give strength to the movements of $PHR in the exchanges