Hailstorm Kills 13 in African Storm as 6000 Year Pattern Unfolds

This video was originally published 25/4/2019

Focusing on these three countries of Eastern Africa: Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Damage left by the recent hailstorms drew my attention as people and animals were killed due to the size of hail smashing through the roofs. On top of that, this event was followed by massive flash floods.

The thing was, this place was in a prolonged drought leaving hard-baked ground, so the water had nowhere to go, except to rush away. People were killed because they were hit on the head with large multi-pound hailstones which is a full step-up from what we have seen so far.

Like I have pointed out earlier, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, these areas have been experiencing drought and are suffering from food insecurity so the governments are trying to get help from UN.

If you want to know what a visionary looks like, read this article by Peter Warutere. He discussed some solutions to these regional drought effects and even called out these problems for what they really are, food insecurity and inflation driven by government policies. He also gave people some hope not to give up because planting can improve if the rains return. Links to this article can be found at the end of this newsletter.

One of the issues discussed in this article is “abnormal dryness”. This is due to the cycle of rain and drought that is completely out of the norm, but this is what is expected with the intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum.

I like how Peter spells his ideas out here. He said that instead of spending billions on mega-projects, why not bring it back to the local community. They can drill 5,000 boreholes which can provide water to the local communities, that way, they could continue farming.

These governments seem to have a different outlook, they chose to build white elephant giant hydro dams that will never make any dent to the local population. With that being said, I genuinely applaud Peter for this great article. He truly is a man of vision, who can guide his country out of this.

I want to bring you to these charts containing incredible insights to the possible causes of what had happened there. I want to try to explain what may have caused those events.

It has always been a practice that when the IPCC looks at climate change they only look at what happened in the last 150 to 200 years to show a steady warming trend. What if we consider a much more powerful and heavier cycle? I started to look around Africa, because in the Northern Sahel it has started to rain a lot more, while the eastern part of Africa has started to dry.

I found out that in the middle Holocene Period, 6000 years ago, a lot of the African monsoon patterns shifted. Questions of why the rains are not returning have always been asked. Looking at the bottom chart on the left, that occurred during the mid-Holocene and the top charts are what we are experiencing now.

This is what everybody has been trying to figure out, why the patterns are shifting. If we look at 1000-year cycles or multi-thousand-year cycles, we might be able to explain a lot more, especially down in southern Africa, where they cannot explain where the water is going.

It is either flooding due to extreme typhoons, or amazing deluges, or nothing during droughts in that country. These charts explain the cycles that we can expect moving forward.

I also dug this gem pointing to the exact areas of where precipitation would be lacking or forthcoming, as we get to these multi-thousand-year cycles. (BELOW) The left most charts are the present time, the interglacial rainfall patterns. The middle charts, in the yellow box, were the rainfall patterns 6,000 years ago. As shown, it looks like we are transitioning back, and if you look carefully, you can see that Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya are right in there.

They are going to be getting less and less rainfall in different periods of the year. This explains why the rains are in the wrong places, or not coming, causing agriculture decimation. We really must go back to multi-millennia cycles to figure this one out.

These are additional precipitation patterns as well. These charts look like a jumbled mess, but what is shown here are the 3,000, 6,000, and 9,000 year intervals of where the rainfall is, in certain year cycles.

If we clean those up a little bit for easier analysis, the precipitation anomalies can be discerned. The bluer the charts are, the more rain; while the more orange and red the charts are, the less rain.

The top charts are for December, January, and February to March respectively, whereas, the bottom charts are for the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, June, July, and August to September. Again, it can be seen that what is happening in Eastern Africa matches perfectly with the 6,000-year interval.

So, do you think governments of the world will really warn everybody across the planet? Will they consider marching back to a 6,000, 3000, or 400-year cycle? Please remember, this is a society reset button.

What happened in Africa is going to happen across the planet in just a matter of time. Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying.

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