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Hello everyone, I hope you have a nice night, today I bring for you my participation for the Art Contest # 4, the theme is Grandma with bird. Hope you like!

I'm @readthis and i think you should, read this.

This time I wanted to bring you a digital drawing, it's the first time I've done one, and in my short and first experience, newcomers like me, it's a bit difficult at first. Honestly, I admire those who make the drawings in this way, it is a very difficult job and really they are precious.

It is not the best drawing in the world, but I am happy with the result, I think it was worth the whole afternoon sitting in front of the computer doing it . I hope you like it too.

I leave here also the process of drawing. Use a reference drawing for the grandmother, she left them here too.

paso 3.png

Image Source: Grandma


Here’s the link to the contest:

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Hermoso mi niña! Éxito en el concurso! Me encantaron los colores que usaste.

Hermoso mi sobrina, mucha suerte, exitos.