Contest "Grandma with birds"

in grandmawithbird •  2 years ago 

Here is my entry to @agneslaczo's contest to draw and color a picture of a grandma with birds, found here:

I'm calling my entry: Grandma Feeding Some Birds One Afternoon. it is pastel pencil and charcoal, 9 x 11. Thanks!


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That is the point in having a curation trail. This will not curate much because the payout is not that great and we voted 5 days after posting. The max payout time to draw the best curation value is 30 minutes after posting. I do not care about self voting, as far as being against it. It doesn't hurt anything and it can get you a little extra on the curation side if there is nothing better to vote on at that time. I delegated a big chunk of my steempower out and I will not have it until a bit into next month. But in the meantime, you, myself and another will be voting on everything I am voting on. The a017 voting power is really low, I am actually surprised it even voted. So, what I recommend is to come out with one post a day, and contact me when you are ready to submit it, and I will be voting for it daily with the curation trail after it's 30 minutes old. Also, when starting you don't want to use bots for bidding until a post at least 1 day old, otherwise they rod the curation pool. By the way the value of this curation trail upvote will be very close to what steembasicincome upvotes someone's post once daily, about 0.02. The nice thing is that it's indefinite.

Okay... It's all still a bit "over my head," but, I am grateful someone such as yourself with greater rep and experience is taking the time to help me! I'm just going to have to "fake it till I make it," though, and just follow your lead--and trust that it will bring at least as far as you have come up to this point! So: about a post a day on my end--limit who I upvote. Check and check :)

I'd say that is advice, not law written in stone by any means. I would do what you want. If you want a good laugh go all the way back on my feed and see the blockbuster posts my first 5 or 6 were. I think it took me like two weeks to net like $0.25sbd. I was jacked, it was like 2 or three steempennies per post. That what I mentioned is a good guideline. The math says that if you vote 100% up to 8-10 times a day (I found it better 6-8 votes daily) your voting power the next day will return to 100% within 24 hours. I think 6 or 7 is a good number but do what you want I surely don't want to dictate what you're doing. I spent an embarrassing amount of time on here talking with anyone that would listen and occasionally get an upvote from them as a comment. I made virtually nothing posting the first two-three weeks I was on here. If you put your vote on steemauto at 100% that would probably be a good idea, that's where I have it, I have like 22 (net) steempower right now and my vote is worth like 0.01. I am just telling you that because 50% of 15 steempower is like 0.002-0.003 I think. If that's what you want to do no problem, it will stretch your voting power out, it just won't accomplish much at all when it comes curating and the post you are voting. That post of yours the three of us voted was in the neighborhood value of 0.015. When this curation trail votes it very likely will be 0.02 to start when everyone is fairly close to full voting power. I am going to run another one of these contests, am offering others as well to join in the same concept, if they seem capable. That doesn't sound like much but I literally set that curation trail up yesterday and you were like the third or fourth person I told about it. Anyway, feel free to catch me discord, send me an instant message or something I can message you all of this boring nerd awesomeness.

Gotcha. I sent you a friend request on discord, too. I do have one question--a small request--would it be possible to make it so I do not upvote my own posts? Just my own posts... I just feel kinda strange about doing that.