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An old Granny has the best of friends in her Pigeons. A colourful watercolour study.

Here is my piece for the contest hosted by @agneslaczo for #grandmawithbird. IF you would like to enter there is still time just go right here.


Here is the entire piece:


And I thought an animated gif was good to show the progress from pen drawing to watercolour to a touch of pastel and bit of splash watercolour.

This was a fun little study. Just a quick scribbled sketch for the layout then inking in the outline details I wanted to keep and a colour wash. I think we all hope to make it to the old age to enjoy feeding pigeons in the park.

I hope your day is slow enough to take a moment to sit in a park and if you have a granny living, why not give her a call.

If you like my work please feel free to upvote, resteem and by all means leave me a comment.


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That's a pretty unique style you have there! Have you ever thought of doing comic strips? I feel like you could make some pretty amazing comics with that style.

I have dabbled with making comics for myself and my friends, but they are a lot of work. I do fine art and also illustrative pieces for things (like home goods and clothing etc) so I realize how much work it would take to do an entire comic book. I have done little one panel comics like I said, for fun.

Very nice done! I like this work! Follow you!

Hi @donnadavisart, congratulation for your painting.
I saw your art on "grandmawithbird" contest.
I'd be honored to have you join my drawing contest

Have a nice day