New graffiti photos from Budapest

in #graffiti4 years ago


Sometimes I come back. Back to blogging, back to graffitis and back to the North part of Budapest, on the Buda side, Filatorigat is a place with a quite big legal wall for graffiti writers. Next month there will be a graffiti fest, so I'll keep you updated.







Hey, @zoltanbristol.

A graffiti fest sounds interesting.

I also like the first photo of the birds the best. For me, that is street art, while the ones that are basically some word or some form of text make me think of graffiti, where someone is just tagging a wall or a train car.

I've never been to Hungary before but it sure looks like they have some great graffiti artists.
I love the look of the first one.

That first work is really cool. Exactly the kind of stuff I love to see. Thanks for sharing!

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