Toronto Street Art and Brief Graffiti Book Review Part 1

in #graffiti10 months ago

Hello. I was In Toronto last week and had a chance to catch some nice graffiti shots. I decided to throw them in a couple blogs with graffiti book reviews because I hope to get some Amazon affiliate link rewards going on here. So yeah legal street art, illegal street art, bombs, tags, stickers etc from Toronto and some book reviews too, thanks for looking.

Toronto Street Art Part one





Graffiti Books

Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant

If you only own one book on graffiti, make it Subway Art. A companion book to the documentary Style Wars Subway Art focuses exclusively New York City Subway trains from the early 80's. Its not just random shots, the authors either the authors embedded themselves with the artists and would spend long hours camped out on abandoned building rooftops waiting for subway cars. This book and the movie contributed to graffiti culture immensely. When you went to Paris or Sydney and saw New York style graffiti in the days before the internet it was because the artists had gotten a hold of Subway Art.



Graffiti World Updated Edition: Street Art from Five Continents

This book is huge and covers every aspect of graffiti, freights, street art, huge multi artist productions, stencils, stickers etc. and like the title says: it is worldwide. This is a great coffee table book, the quality of the art covered is top notch.



Broken Windows: Graffiti NYC

The term Broken Window refers to the theory employed by the champions of gentrification that you prosecute the little crimes like vandalism and the neighborhood gets cleaned up and it doesn't attract serious crime. The justification was used to go after vandals, squeegee window guys, the homeless, and drug sellers.

This book is about NYC graffiti in the age when the subways are impossible to hit and the law is going after walls too. Graffiti always finds a way though and the quality of the art in this book is top notch. NYC will always be the world wide graffiti mecca even if the security around it's subways post 9-11 has forced the the artists to find new spaces...


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Cool murals and stickers. Toronto is a great city for street art, especially with its Graffiti Alley.

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