Utility box murals - the sequel

in graffiti •  5 months ago


I found a couple more utility boxes decorated with murals. The first is by Jen Huber dated 2018. Our local park always has good wind for kites and there are people flying kites there almost every weekend. Jen's mural captures some of that kite flying action.


There is also a dragon! Nice touch Ms Huber.


The second utility box is signed with the logo of a local private school - QL - which is Quarry Lane. This mural I think captures the nationality of all the kids at the school and what they like best about the park - basketball, bicycling, kites, bbq, football, walking your dog, the farmer's market.


The flags are all on shamrocks because yes its Dublin.




Bonus picture: again because its Dublin...the iron work on the rails of some of the bridges have green shamrock patterns. If you look closely, you can see the small stream below :)


Dublin, California. October 2018. All photos original.

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Pretty cool stuff!


Thanks @frankvvv Its a nice touch for my little bedroom community.

Those are very cool Murals


Thanks @tattoodjay. Thanks for always checking out my posts :)

Beautiful the first one with all the kites.


Yes I like that one better too. But the second is a local school project so its all good. Not high end art but good for community

Good murals, but I really love those shamrocks! Perfect for Dublin!


Yeah they are on a BRIDGE! no wonder ;) ha ha @melinda010100


Hahaha! You are right. But I've never seen a Clover Bridge before! Of course I'd have to love it

very nicely done.

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