iNomad Has A New Launch Date!!

iNomad Has A New Launch Date!!


I received an email late last night from the couple I rent my home from. She also happens to be my family doctor. They were wondering if I would like to stay on till spring and stay through the winter.

I accepted the option for several reasons. It gives me more time to sell off things I want to let go of as well as have more time to get better money for my items.

It gives me more time to find the vehicle that I want and be able to actually afford it. And it gives me more time to achieve at least a very basic build with the necessities, which will include insulating it extremely well, installing good vapour barrier and get an excellent roof vent in place. Mold is the last thing I want in a small living space!

Heating and A/C solutions are also a main priority and I have some very interesting options I am working on so that I can be comfortable in my space.

Power is a big one as well and I am planning to have a really solid electrical system in place that is flexible and powerful enough to handle my needs for everyday life including the necessities of life as well as entertainment, general computing and video editing work and more. After seeing so many different van builds I have come to really treasure the redos that people have done. Living with what they thought was their best solution for a year and then tearing it all out and redoing it.

I am not sure if I will do a basic build to begin with and live in it to get a feel for it, or really go for it and try to complete an entire build to my taste. I am just happy that I have a little more time to react to being on the road full time and very happy that I can plan a lot more and be more generally prepared.

Also, hitting the road in the springtime gives me three moderate seasons to get my road legs under me before contending with a Canadian winter in a mobile living space.

See you when I see you,



I am glad you considered doing that I wondered with you saying november if it was a good time to start being so close to the winter time.

Thanks, I think I will be much more prepared and organized!

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