Gradual Enlightenment

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It may appear that I am gone; my writing all but stopped!
My absence from this lovely site approaching far too long.
Inside my mind, the echoes from a random slew of thoughts.
But I can seldom justify composing them to song.

And in this interim of pause, idle I am not...
My efforts redirected toward a plot immense in scope.
But as I learn, each day I earn a little more respect,
For those who've come before me, and 'they' who maintain hope.

Your patience is appreciated; more is yet to come.
I eagerly await the time, so much I have to say!
And as my duties dwindle down amidst a sea of craze,
Enlightenment empowers me and modifies my ways.

Photo by the author


Getting cave action in! Awesome! Im currently sleeping in the JFK airport. Tomorrow bike touring Cuba starts! See you in February :) Awesome poem!

Thanks for the encouragement! You always pick the right times to biking!

You are a poet and I didn't even know it:)

I can rhyme, anywhere

oh wow realy nice post , i like it @gra

Beautyfull photography.....

Keep it up✌

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